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Our Prices

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Our hourly rate at Little Learners is very competitive, it is £6.90 per hour for children over 3 years old and £8.10 per hour for children under 3 years old, plus we also offer special rates on the following:
Full days of 8 hours or more
Full weeks of 40 hours or more (term time)
Full weeks of 40 hours or more (all year)
School age children
No special rates are available whilst claiming the 15 hours free. Why not let us know your requirement and we can work out our best price for you. Price list available upon request.

15 Hours Free

Our nursery is in partnership with the States of Guernsey Education department and offers 15 hours free. These hours are available term time only for one year before your child starts school.

Little Learners offers an extra hour free for any children who takes all of their hours in the afternoons. If you would like your child to stay with us during the school holidays too, we can spread the cost over the year. (There is no registration fee for the free hours, but £50.00 registration is charged for the holidays if required.)

Special Offers

Multiple births – We offer a half price space for one of your twins, or a free space for one of your triplets. (This offer is not available whilst claiming 15 hours free).

Take your free 15 pre–school hours in the afternoons and we will give you an extra hour free.


We offer full and part time spaces, all year or term time only. We also offer school holiday care for children who are in reception or year one of primary school.

Opening Times

Little Learners is open Monday to Friday from 7am until 5.30 pm all year round apart from bank holidays and a week at Christmas (you are not charged for the days we are closed).

How to secure a space at Little Learners
If you have a question please feel free to visit our FAQ page or if you would like to enquire about our fees and availability please send us a message and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

In order to secure a space with us you will need to fill out either a standard or 15 hours free registration form and pay the registration fee (applies to paid spaces only). The registration fee is £50.00 for school holidays and £100.00 for all other spaces. (No spaces are secured without the above).